Emerging Technology

At District Dental Wellness we use the latest technology to ensure you are comfortable and your privacy is protected.


Most of us opt to use tablets, computers, and cell phones to communicate and for record keeping. Because of this, we have chosen to be paperless by using email and text messaging to communicate with you.

We keep all of your personal information secure in our protected software that only authorized users can access. Your information is shared only with insurance companies and other dental professionals as required.


District Dental Wellness uses only digital x-rays. These are a great improvement from the x-rays of the past and are much safer because they use far less radiation. Seconds later, you’ll be able to see the images on the computer screen in front of you.

Seeing these images for yourself allows you to be more proactive with your dental care. Digital x-rays are also clearer, more precise, and easier to share with insurance companies and other dental health professionals.


Using a tiny intraoral camera we can take high-resolution pictures of your mouth. These pictures help give us a detailed understanding of what’s happening to your teeth and gums.

This camera also allows us to detect things like tooth decay, gum disease, and other concerns much earlier than we typically would. We can access and obtain visuals of hard-to-reach areas inside your mouth.

Along with digital x-rays, the images we capture can help you see where treatment is needed. When you need to make decisions about your dental care, you can see for yourself why we are recommending these treatments.


Whether you’re seeing us to fill a simple cavity or to have a more advanced procedure, we can offer you a variety of wireless music as a great way to escape or manage stress. This allows you to enjoy your favorite podcast or genre of music.

Please call today for an appointment or for any questions you may have about how we use the latest technology to make a difference in your dental wellness.