Esthetic Treatment

When we work on the esthetics of your smile, we do so in a way that keeps your teeth strong and healthy. We offer so many ways to give you your dream smile. Here are just a few procedures we can offer to give your smile a naturally beautiful touch:


Cosmetic contouring is a simple procedure that allows us to reshape your natural teeth. We can use this procedure to correct teeth that are irregularly shaped or chipped. This procedure can help your teeth look more even. If you have fairly regular teeth, but you simply want to improve the look of your smile, cosmetic contouring could be a perfect option for you. However, it’s important that your teeth have the necessary bone structure; we can determine whether you are a good candidate by taking digital x-rays.


Bioclear is a breakthrough in dental technology that we use as an alternative to porcelain veneers and traditional bonding. We can use this product to repair teeth that are too small or that are misshapen. Most often, we use it to help correct “black triangles” which are caused by bone loss and receding gums. The danger with black triangles is that they can trap food, causing plaque to build up leading to damage to your teeth and gums.


One of the advantages of Bioclear is that we don’t need to remove any part of your tooth enamel. With veneers and other restorative treatments, a small amount of enamel must be removed from your tooth, meaning that you will always have to wear the veneer to protect your tooth.

We prefer Bioclear because we do not need to remove any part of the structure of your tooth. In fact, Bioclear actually adds to the structure of your tooth, strengthening and protecting it.

Some tooth restorations can also chip or crack, and it is often easier to replace than repair these restorations. With Bioclear, we can easily reshape the composite should it chip or crack, which saves you time and money.


If you’d like to make some small changes to your smile, we’d love to help. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best options for beautiful and healthy smiles. Call today to learn more about our esthetic treatments.